Die Trying – Lee Child

Have you seen the movie Jack Reacher?  It’s one of my favorites.  Last fall I found an audiobook, Killing Floor, by Lee Child and listened as Reacher mysteriously appeared in a small town and saved the day just as he had in the movie.  This week, I read a new Jack Reacher adventure, and like the other two stories, Reacher mysteriously showed up and walked into a world of trouble.

Jack Reacher is a 37 year-old, former military policeman.  His huge frame stands at 6’5, 220 pounds.  He is not only skillfully trained in hand-to-hand combat, but an expert marksman. He has a sharp brain to solve puzzles, almost reading peoples minds and figuring out what is going to happen before it happens.  This may be the only downfall of the book series.  It’s like Reacher reads what’s going to happen and is always a step ahead.  There are few mistakes, but there are some which keeps the reader in suspense and kept me into it.  The characters were fairly well build and of course he saves the day in the end, as if there were any doubt.

14 months after retiring from his duty in the service, Jack found himself in Chicago.  Right from the start he was picked up in a kidnapping, as an innocent bystander.  The bad guys picked him up with a woman who was working with the FBI.  Reacher had seen she was struggling with a crutch and decided to give her a hand carrying her dry cleaning, and they dug their own grave as they snagged the pair together off the streets of the Windy City.  For two days they were transported in the back of a panel truck until they arrived an a militia compound stuck deep into the mountains of Montana.  The Bureau worked feverishly to track them down and save their agent, while Reacher assessed the situation and went to work from the inside.  There were moles on both sides, along with a dictator who planned on making the militia grounds an independent nation.  Many factors came into play and kept the me turning the pages in suspense, waiting to see how Reacher would save the day.

Rating: ******** 9/10

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