Tripwire – Lee Child

With school starting again, my reading time is cut down, but I managed to get through my third Jack Reacher novel, Tripwire.  Reacher returns again as a pool digger in Key West.  His drifting had brought his funds to a point where he needed a job to get back to his travels.  He was met in a bar by a private detective looking for him from New York City.  Later, Reacher found the detective dead and decided there was enough interest to go to NYC himself and find out why a man was killed while he was looking for Reacher.  Upon his arrival, he found the woman who hired the detective was the daughter of General Garber, one of his former commanding officers in the US Army.  General Garber had passed away but he was looking for Reacher to help him solve a private matter for a local family.  Right away the action escalated and Reacher found himself and Jodie, stalked, shot at, and rear-ended in a collision.  As Reacher took on the case, he flew all over the country using Army research facilities to try to find out what happened to the local couple’s son who had disappeared in the Vietnam War.

On the same front, a New York City loan shark, Hook Hobie, was using his resources to swindle another business off Wall Street.  With Reacher sniffing around it put a cog in the machine and he had to quicken his efforts to acquire the company.  His methods involved kidnapping, blackmail, threats, and murder. As Reacher got closer to his answers it brought him closer to uncovering all of Hook’s secrets.

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels bring the reader a dynamic read.  The character is well developed and always finds himself in trouble and uncovering bigger crimes where he has to save innocent people, so you can’t help but root for him.  Luckily, Major Reacher has been trained for hand-to-hand combat and honed his detective skills as a military policeman. Even though many of the novels follow similar plots, it still provides good entertainment for the reader.

Rating: *********9/10


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